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Meet Gail


Do you want to release stress and pain?

Would you like to regain balance in your life?

Are you longing to achieve focus and ease?

Welcome to my Reiki space. I'm Gail Christie. I use Holy Fire® Reiki to help people release the stress and blocked energy that is often the root cause of distress or pain. I help them reach a place of relaxation, focus, balance, renewal and joy.

My first-ever Reiki healing sessions each addressed a different level of healing — the 1st released blocked emotions, the 2nd resolved a physical issue, the 3rd helped establish a clear spiritual connection.

That's what Reiki can provide — healing on all levels! I went from having no vision of a meaningful future, to having an overwhelming and lasting sense of purpose, peace and joy.

I have known since I was a child that I was meant to help people heal. But how? From my first Reiki class I realized this was the means of fulfilling my life's purpose. After I received my Usui/Holy Fire® Master and then my Holy Fire® III Karuna Reiki® Master certifications I found I could bring ever higher levels of healing energy to my clients and could help others discover and take the next steps on their spiritual journeys.

I received my Reiki training from the International Center for Reiki Training and have a degree in psychology and sociology from the University of Connecticut. I have had a meditation practice for 35+ years and have been practicing and teaching Holy Fire® Reiki since 2014. I have recently received Advanced certification in Integrated Energy Therapy and have added IET techniques to my healing sessions.

In addition to my Reiki practice I am the mother of two sons, grandmother of three grandsons and pet mom to a five pound Yorkshire Terrier, also known as Rocky, my Reiki assistant.


What clients say...

“Gail is an extraordinary healer. My sessions with her are profoundly calming and invigorating all at the same time. My recommendation: If you are looking for calmness, ease and inner peace, Gail and Holy Fire Reiki will provide that. I have weekly sessions that keep me peaceful, grounded and on purpose. Thank you Gail for your expression of love through Reiki!”


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